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Elias Rodriquez

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Elias Rodriques’ novel ALL THE WATER I’VE SEEN IS RUNNING was called “fresh and rhapsodic” in a starred PW review and Kirkus calls it a “well-turned exploration of how intensely place and history shape our identities." You can find a link to the book here:

Eilas Rodriques is an Assistant Professor of African-American Literature at Sarah Lawrence College. He has written for The Guardian, the Nation, Bookforum and N+1.


"This novel; this portrayal of American youth―tender, and tough, and searching; this voice, which absorbs and transforms tragedy into elegy; this is one I've been waiting for. All the Water I've Seen Is Running is a mesmerizing look at friendship and loss, and Elias Rodriques is a devastating wonder." ― Justin Torres, author of We the Animals "All the Water I've Seen Is Running is an absorbing meditation on the power of memory and the people and places that make us who we are. Daniel’s captivating excavation of his past made me reflect on the different pieces of ourselves we have to bury for survival." ― Maisy Card, author of These Ghosts Are Family "In this story of a Florida homegoing, Elias Rodriques builds a raw and poignant poetry out of colloquial speech. Race, friendship, sex, the violent bluster and hopeful tenderness of youth, running and swimming and gigging for flounder, guilt and grief, the past that slips through your fingers and the past that rides heavy on your shoulders―many deep tributaries merge here, in a river that meets the sea." ― Chad Harbach, author of The Art of Fielding


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