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Hi there. We want travel stories.


Are you an Accidental Correspondent?


An “Accidental Correspondent” is someone who finds themselves documenting an encounter or situation without intending to do so. An AC does not (necessarily) have the formal training or work as a professional journalist. Perhaps you witnessed something first hand in your own community or in a place you're visiting.  Perhaps a local revealed something surprising. Maybe you unexpectedly found yourself in a role where you needed to relay information or act as a communicator without any experience or preparation. Your encounter happened on a flight, in an airport, on the road, in a coffee shop, in a conflict zone. Whatever it was, you were there. Take us on the ride. 


You don’t need a Press Pass to submit a story. If your encounter fits the criteria, we’d love to see it.


Accidental Correspondent Submission Guidelines:

  • Your story is Travel Journalism or Creative Nonfiction (CNF), though we prefer the term Narrative Nonfiction. 

  • Please submit only one complete story.  

  • Submissions must be written in English.

  • Please include a short cover statement at the top of your submission, including bio and links to other work.

  • We only publish original material. We cannot run a piece that has already appeared on the web or elsewhere in print. Exceptions may be made for stories in translation.

  • Submissions should run between 700-1500 words. (Solicited material will vary in length)

  • Please do not submit academic essays, book reviews or poetry.

  • You may submit another story after six months from your last submission date. Anything submitted before that date will not be considered for publication.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon can I expect to hear about my submission?

Within three months of receipt.

How can I check the status of my submission?

You will receive an email indicating your submission was received. If you don’t receive a response, the story is not right for the journal at this time.

Will Accidental Correspondent eventually join the Submittable platform?


Do you pay for publication?

Not yet. If the journal continues past this experimental phase, we will make every effort to pay competitive rates. The good news. No submission fees or reading fees while we’re learning the ropes.

What do you mean by 'travel'?

You went to a remote corner of the world. Or not. Maybe you traveled from the couch to the grocery store. Something mind blowing happened. Tell us.

Can you consider a newer/revised version of a piece rather than the one I submitted?

After six months you can submit a revised story.  

My piece has been accepted for a different publication. How do I notify you?

Don’t worry about this. If we are interested in the submitted piece, this is the first question we will ask!

Can I submit my piece somewhere else even if it’s still within the three-month window?

Yes. Absolutely. Submit widely. We’re on your side and will be delighted if your story finds a home.

Is there a theme for the June 2024 issue?

Not yet. Please check frequently updated #MSWL (Manuscript WishList) on the website and social media accounts.

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