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Maggie Paxson

Photo Credit: Matt Mendelsohn

"The Plateau" Riverhead Books August 13, 2019

Real Fiction Radio Broadcast Dates: October 16 and 23

Maggie Paxson is a writer, anthropologist and performer. She is also the author of Solovyovo: The Story of Memory in a Russian Village. Fluent in Russian and French, she has worked in rural communities in northern Russia, the Caucasus and France. 

Starred Reviews: Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist

Finding herself in a crisis of direction after years of fieldwork in strife-torn places, Maggie Paxson set out on a quest to study peace. Her explorations led her to The Plateau, a remote pocket of south-central France, where people have been providing refuge to strangers for generations. .During WWII, villagers deep in the heart of France gave safe harbor to countless strangers - mostly children - as they fled for their lives. The same place offers refuge to migrants today. Why?

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