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Glenn Stout

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TIGER GIRL AND THE CANDY KID: America’s Original Gangster Couple, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2021. Groundbreaking true crime Jazz Age story of Richard and Margaret Whittemore.

Glenn Stout is New York Times and Boston Globe bestselling author of numerous books and articles. .His 2009 title Young Woman and the Sea: How Trudy Ederle Conquered the English Channel and Inspired the World, a biography of Trudy Ederle, an iconic figure of the 1920s is under option and set up with Paramount Studios (screenplay by Jeff Nathanson, Jerry Bruckheimer producer), and is scheduled to go into pre-production in 2022. Stout is also the author of The Selling of the Babe (2016), a partial biography of Babe Ruth, Boston Globe bestseller Fenway 1912 (2011), and Nine Months at Ground Zero (2006), an oral history of the post 9-11 recovery and cleanup of the World Trade Center. He served as Series Editor of The Best American Sport Writing since its inception in 1991 thru the end of the series in 2020, and will edit the inaugural edition of The Years’ Best Sports Writing in 2021.

Stout will present at the 2021 CrimeCon Festival in Austin June 4-6.


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